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Once a defined strategy has been formulated and agreed with your organization, the Introtech team will embark upon the execution process across the agreed geographies and specific target market areas.
We will approach the targeted resellers on behalf of your business which were identified by the Introtech team during the initial stages of engagement with your business.
The Introtech team will follow phases 3-4 of our 5 phase implementation plan during the execution element of our engagement with your business. During this time we will be engaging directly with the partners and resellers that we collectively have agreed should be ideal to represent your organization. These partners will have the geographic reach, core competences and vertical market penetration necessary for us to collectively achieve the goals of your business with the UK and Europe.

Our team of sales professionals will engage directly with the partners and will (assuming the partners pass due diligence) organize sales and technical training on your behalf to ensure the partners are adequately equipped to properly represent your business within the given territory. In addition the Introtech team will take care of all knowledge transfer (where appropriate) and negotiation of business terms to your agreed partner agreement or indeed any others terms and conditions you would have us work with. Following this component we could then liaise with the partners to extract initial sales forecasting data to ensure that expectations are managed and met by all concerned.

All information collated from engagement with the partners would be relayed back to you during regular contact with the Introtech team, either by telephone or email. You remain in total control and are fully informed along every step of the process. You will always know exactly who we are meeting and why and naturally the outcome of all meetings held on your behalf.


The team at Introtech will work with you to formulate a go to market strategy. Our primary objective is to replicate the successes of your…


Once we are engaged with the selected partners we will be working with you to roll out your partner program if you have one. We will ensure that the partners…


The team at Introtech are highly experienced with working with overseas businesses. We are driven to make your business successful within the UK…

Just One Of Our Client Testimonials

I first worked with David Watts of Introtech back in the 1990s and we have worked together on a number of projects since then. I have seen David aggressively grow US-based businesses in the UK and EMEA, building a sustainable and scalable platform to enable ongoing growth and development. I cannot recommend David more, than to say that I have used his services on multiple occasions to expand into EMEA and I have no doubt we will work together again in the future.

Pete Jankowski, Chairman and founder of Next Level Security Systems Inc.

I have known David Watts of Introtech for a number of years, including a period of working with him directly. Throughout the time I have known David he has leveraged his considerable knowledge of the EMEA marketplace to grow a number of organizations, both from within the US and outside. I would have no hesitation in recommending David and his organization for the purpose of business development needs.

Dave Tynan, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing with Avigilon Inc.

Any American business that is considering entry into the UK market must contact Introtech first. In a very strategic and methodical manner, Introtech introduced our technology and solution to targeted markets, buyers, and influencers. The Introtech team accurately evaluated how much penetration we could have, calculated how long it would take to have success, and developed a plan to attack the market aggressively. We were so satisfied with their service, that we contracted Introtech as our sole sales and marketing arm to execute their plan across the UK and Europe. Finally, a benefit that is often overlooked is the tremendous savings we made by not immediately hiring a full time resource in the country. Introtech established the plan and began penetrating the market at a very fair rate and without a long term commitment.

Chris Peterson, Executive Vice President, BRS Labs, Inc.

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