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So how can Introtech really help my business?

Introtech can help introduce your business to the UK and EMEA markets and commence sales using tested and proven business models – once you gain sufficient traction in the market and you can see the real potential, you can decide exactly how much infrastructure of your own you wish to deploy into the UK.

We have a network of business experts who partner with us to bring you the ultimate solution in terms of core competence. We have consultancy partners who have previously worked within the most prestigious consultancy houses in the UK including KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Accenture and Cap Gemini.

In addition to the consultancy base of experts, we have business development experience with building technology businesses in the UK. We recognise the challenges and we know the level of commitment required to make a successful business within the UK. Working with us can take away so much of the ‘pain’ of attempting to enter into the UK and EMEA markets remotely from the an overseas HQ.

How does Introtech engage with my organization?

Our dedicated team will follow a proven process of learning your business and understanding your goals and objectives for the weeks, months and years ahead.

We will ‘learn’ your business either by visiting you at your HQ, or you can elect to send a representative here to the UK, or alternatively (and more economically) we can often learn enough remotely at the outset to start the process for you. Once we have sufficient data to understand your business, we can get to work on evaluating the UK and EMEA market and its suitability for your products.

So what else does Introtech offer?

We offer a true one stop shop for enabling you to establish your business within the UK and EMEA marketplace. For example, we can analyze your go to market model in your local market and establish whether this model could work in the UK and EMEA. Do you sell direct, indirect, or do you co-sell with partners etc? What competitors exist in your local market and do they operate in the UK and EMEA?

Are there other competitors in the UK which you do not see in your local market? Do you have key clients in your local market with UK operations that we could approach on your behalf?

Do you engage via partners or channels today who also have a UK operation that we could approach on your behalf? This is a small example of some of the activities which we would execute whilst building and establishing your business interests here.

So can the Introtech team help me find an office facility and assist with legal and accounting issues?

es. The team at Introtech has a network of partners offering legal advice from HR issues through to IPR protection, trademarking etc. We have a number of accountancy partners offering everything from basic payroll advice through to full accountancy to US or UK GAAP plus full audit facilities.

We also have partners who assist us with real estate sourcing and recruitment – we can manage this entire process for you.

Just One Of Our Client Testimonials

I first worked with David Watts of Introtech back in the 1990s and we have worked together on a number of projects since then. I have seen David aggressively grow US-based businesses in the UK and EMEA, building a sustainable and scalable platform to enable ongoing growth and development. I cannot recommend David more, than to say that I have used his services on multiple occasions to expand into EMEA and I have no doubt we will work together again in the future.

Pete Jankowski, Chairman and founder of Next Level Security Systems Inc.

I have known David Watts of Introtech for a number of years, including a period of working with him directly. Throughout the time I have known David he has leveraged his considerable knowledge of the EMEA marketplace to grow a number of organizations, both from within the US and outside. I would have no hesitation in recommending David and his organization for the purpose of business development needs.

Dave Tynan, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing with Avigilon Inc.

Any American business that is considering entry into the UK market must contact Introtech first. In a very strategic and methodical manner, Introtech introduced our technology and solution to targeted markets, buyers, and influencers. The Introtech team accurately evaluated how much penetration we could have, calculated how long it would take to have success, and developed a plan to attack the market aggressively. We were so satisfied with their service, that we contracted Introtech as our sole sales and marketing arm to execute their plan across the UK and Europe. Finally, a benefit that is often overlooked is the tremendous savings we made by not immediately hiring a full time resource in the country. Introtech established the plan and began penetrating the market at a very fair rate and without a long term commitment.

Chris Peterson, Executive Vice President, BRS Labs, Inc.

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